Passion is established to impart high quality training on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) through webinars and seminars. We are passionate about processes, procedures, safety and regulations across industries. We value an individual’s right to obtain high quality services and products without discrimination or difference. We understand the importance of compliance to established standards, practices and regulatory frameworks. We encourage professionals, officers and executives from government, industry and Non-governmental organizations to become aware of regulatory frameworks and guidelines. Training them in implementation of these rules and regulations is the best way to encourage and ensure universal compliance. High quality trainings, facilitated by industry experts with decades of experience is our way of contributing towards this cause and we take pride in delivering experience-rich sessions.

Our passion for training excellence is reflected in the quality of speakers and trainers we bring on board for our events. They are men and women of impeccable credentials and years of experience in their fields. They are equally passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with discerning participants, and making a difference toward making our world safer, better and happier.

What sets us apart from our competition is our history of delivery excellence, using best-in-class technology, best practices and affordable pricing.


Founded by a team of practitioners with decades of experience in industry and government, brings a rich culture of sharing and nurturing talent that fosters learning and development. We have joined hands with industry veterans with decades of practical experience in diverse fields and proven academic record in their knowledge areas. Their coming together through a shared vision, shared goals and a shared passion for excellence has resulted in this initiative and we strive to provide a knowledge sharing platform for everyone who is related to compliance in any way.