Life Sciences Compliance Whiz - Gold Season Ticket
1 ticket - 10 live webinars - 60 days’ access

Tap into the insights from the most experienced thought leaders in GRC to build upon your knowledge and grow as a professional. Gather valuable, real-time information and feedback to make an immediate difference to your organization.

We have built a training curriculum to help you with that – the Life Sciences Compliance Whiz – Gold Season Ticket. Learn at your own convenience with access to 10 live webinar courses for 60 days!

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About this Season Pass

Life Sciences Compliance Whiz - Gold Season Ticket gives you access to 10 instructor-led live webinars over 60 days. Now, become specialized in life sciences by learning on your own terms, whenever you want, wherever you want. Get professional training in varied industries viz. pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biologics at your convenience.

This Life Sciences season pass provides live online training on FDA regulations, guidelines and best practices. Enhance your knowledge on good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical, auditing skills, FDA inspection, quality assurance, ISO 13485, ISO 14971 standards, EU MDD, quality system regulations, medical device reporting, computer system validation, device history records, packaging and labeling regulations, BLA, microbiological risk, contamination control, stability studies, development and approval, immunogenicity testing and much more. This pack of courses will help QA managers, laboratory personnel, analysts, consultants, bioanalytical scientists, technologists navigate through complex regulatory landscape.

Additionally, participants will become familiar with implications and application of the many guidances that apply to the marketing of life science products.

Why get this pass:

  • Most relevant Life Sciences topics covered
  • Pay once and attend any 10 instructor-led batches in 60 days
  • Learn from the comfort of your home\office
  • Maximize your training with our highly experienced trainers
  • Build expertise in industry-specific compliance requirements
  • Demonstrate your commitment to staying current in the field of Life Sciences
  • Get certified on course completion

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Life Sciences Regulations & Compliance Training

Process Validation Principles and Protocols 28-Mar-2017

Traceability and Recall Through Food Processes 30-Mar-2017

Demonstrated Techniques to a Successful 510k Submission 30-Mar-2017

Achieving Compliance with Robust CAPA Systems 31-Mar-2017

Root Cause Failure Analysis Closed Loop Corrective Action 04-Apr-2017

Excel Spreadsheets: Applying 21 CFR Part 11 compliance 06-Apr-2017

Trial Master File (TMF): FDA Expectations from Sponsors and Sites 07-Apr-2017

How to Write and Manage a Change Control System 10-Apr-2017

Learning Design Controls through review of FDA 483 Observations 12-Apr-2017

Risk-based Supplier Control: How to Meet FDA and your ISO 13485 Notified Body's Expectations and Reduce your Own Risk 13-Apr-2017

How to Perform GMP Inspections of Laboratories Performing Cell-Based Methods 13-Apr-2017

3 Hr Virtual Seminar : China: Compliance Processes for Life Science Products: Company Establishment, Clinical Trials, Registrations, Renewals and Supply Chain Considerations 14-Apr-2017

Surviving an FDA Inspection: Understand the Do's and Don'ts and the Ground Rules 18-Apr-2017

Controlling Hazards in Spices - Basic Supply Chain Food Safety Control Requirements 18-Apr-2017

Corrective and Preventive Action in FDA- and ISO-Regulated Industry 18-Apr-2017

6-hr Virtual Seminar: Understanding and Controlling Biofilm - Preventing Water System Microbial Problems and surviving inspections 19-Apr-2017

Process Reliability Modeling: Measure the Cause Not the Effect of Process Variation 20-Apr-2017

Technology Transfer for Pharmaceutical Processes and Test Methods 20-Apr-2017

Understanding Aseptic Technique and Cleanroom Behavior 24-Apr-2017

Complaint Handling in Compliance with FDA and ISO Regulations 24-Apr-2017

Getting Ready for an FDA Inspection 25-Apr-2017

21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 Compliance; specifics needed to eliminate 483s 27-Apr-2017

Understanding and Implementing a Quality by Design Program 28-Apr-2017

6-hr Virtual Seminar: Managing FDA’s Tougher Import Requirements Concerning International Consequences by Ex-FDA Official 02-May-2017

FDA Regulations for Marketing Dietary Supplements 02-May-2017

Using an IQ / OQ / PQ Approach to Validating Medical Device Software 03-May-2017

Software Validation & Testing 09-May-2017

FDA Clinical Trial Project Management 09-May-2017

Water System Mythology: Common False Beliefs for Microbial Control and Monitoring 10-May-2017

Good Documentation Practices 12-May-2017

Understanding and Implementing a Technology Transfer Process 12-May-2017

Complaint Handling from Intake to Closure 16-May-2017

How FDA Trains Its Investigators to Review CAPA, and What You Can do to Prepare 17-May-2017

How FDA Trains Its Investigators to Review CAPA, and What You Can do to Prepare 17-May-2017

Implementing Process Controls for Optimum Performance of Cell-Based Assays 18-May-2017

Designing Medical Device Alarms to Mitigate New FDA Concerns 23-May-2017

How has the rapid growth of low-cost wearable health monitors, such as those worn on the wrist or clothing, changed data collection in clinical trials 23-May-2017

Best Practices for FDA and ISO 13485 Corrective Actions 25-May-2017

What exactly is required for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance 25-May-2017

3-hr Virtual Seminar: Japan Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Life Science Products 25-May-2017

Best Practices for Investigating Deviations 26-May-2017

Best Practices in Document Approval, Control and Distribution 30-May-2017

Federalwide Assurances: What are they; why and when do I need them? 08-Jun-2017

Critical Elements of Quality Risk Management Relating to FDA Compliance 14-Jun-2017

Implementing a Change Control Quality System Successfully 29-Jun-2017

The Sunshine Act: Reporting for Clinical Trials 07-Jul-2017

Best Practices in Document Approval, Control and Distribution 30-May-2017