Credit card surcharging - who is going to do it and what are the stipulations for compliance?

Speaker : Brent Meyers

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Duration : 60 Mins

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Course Description:

On July 13, 2012, Visa, MasterCard and nine banks settled a longstanding lawsuit related to credit card interchange fees. Besides the payout of billions to merchants, a notable settlement outcome is the ability of card-accepting suppliers in the U.S. to impose a surcharge (sometimes referred to as a "checkout fee"), beginning January 27, 2013.

A retailer has to notify customer in advance if they are intend to impose "checkout fee" or surcharge on any credit card purchase and the retailer also has to disclose surcharge fee on every receipt. This customer surcharging is applied only to credit card purchasing; surcharges cannot be imposed to purchases made by debit card or prepaid card.

This training on credit card surcharges compliance will discuss how the recent changes in law will affect end-user organizations. It will also provide attendees with the tools necessary to review and deal with any potential surcharge/checkout fee situations.

Course Objective:

Surcharging had been historically prohibited in the U.S. per the networks' merchant rules, as well as prohibited by law in 10 states. Any state laws will continue to "trump" networks' merchant rules. The recent changes in surcharging law could not only affect your merchant processing transactions but also your credit card usage. The worst thing end-user organizations can do is to have an uninformed reaction to surcharging. It's important to first look at the big picture. End-users should also educate suppliers about the economics of card acceptance, pointing out the savings possible and other benefits. When suppliers are reaping the rewards, they should not be adding a surcharge. They might overlook the benefits of card acceptance, as well as the cost of other payment methods like checks and cash. This training on credit card interchange fees rules will clearly explain the changes in the rules, who will benefit from the changes and how it will affect the retailers and customers.

Course Outline:

  • What changed in the rules?
  • Why did it change?
  • Who may benefit?
  • Will this change anything?

Target Audience:

  • Financial Officers
  • Risk Officers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Operational Risk Managers
  • Credit Card Program Administrators

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