Food Allergen Risk Mitigation

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An Allergen Control Plan is a critical component in your product safety initiatives

Your Allergen Control Plan is your company’s written document regarding the storage, handling, processing, packaging, and identification of allergenic foods and ingredients.

Your Allergen Control Plan must be implemented, audited, enforced and updated continually. Every time you make a change in a process or a product, assess your plan and update as needed. Every time you hire a new employee or change the responsibilities of an employee, make certain they understand their role in the Allergen Control Plan through documented training. Every time you begin working with a new supplier, evaluate their Allergen Control plan and change yours as needed. If you change or add locations, a new Allergen Control Plan should be developed specifically for that location.

An Allergen Control Plan is about protecting the health and confidence of consumers. But it is also about protecting the financial health and reputation of your company.

Learning Objectives:

•       Definition of allergens

•       Sources

•       Identification of Food allergens

•       Allergen Control Plans

–      Development

–      Risk Assessment

–      Implementation approaches and Strategies

–      Evaluation

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

•          Sources of Allergens

•          Allergen Control Team

•          Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies

•          Product Design (Research and Development)

•          Receiving, Storage, Handling and Processing

•          Supplier Control Programs for Ingredients and Labels

•          Maintenance and engineering

•          Validated Allergen Cleaning Program

•          Staff Training and Education

Target audience:

·         Food suppliers, processors and manufacturers

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