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Food producers use many controls to ensure the safety of their products. Despite their best efforts; however, sometimes unsafe food products, or those that do not meet legislative requirements, make their way into the marketplace. When an unsafe or violative food product has left the control of the manufacturer/distributor, it must be removed from the market. This process of removing the product is called a recall. This webinar will discuss how to go about developing implementing and ensuring an effective recall plan

Learning Objectives:

Every food recall has the following aims:

1.      Stopping the delivery and sale of the product in question;

2.      Informing the appropriate regulatory agencies; and

3.      Proper and timely removal from the marketplace of the product in question.

Don’t panic! Be prepared.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

•      Food Safety Risks

•      Food Recalls

•      Food Recall Classifications

•      Developing a recall program

•      Implementing an effective recall plan

Target audience:

·         Food Manufacturers

·         Food Retailers and wholesalers

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