Immigration Issues - Implications for HR and Insurance Professionals

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Attend this webinar to understand the current and ongoing Form I-9 issues for HR and insurance professionals. Understand Immigration compliance and get key suggestions for minimizing risks.

Why Should You Attend:

From management's perspective, immigration compliance is typically a compliance issue. Does the organization properly complete I-9 Forms? Does it follow the rules concerning the supporting documents it accepts? Does it ensure timeliness of form completion? Does it properly retain, store, and destroy these forms? Does it comply with the non-discrimination rules in Form I-9 decision making? The Federal government recently issued a new Form I-9 that must now be completed. Is your organization using the new Form?

Unfortunately, many organizations are still completing Form I-9 incorrectly; as a result, they represent significant liabilities. This webinar discusses the current and ongoing Form I-9 issues for HR and insurance professionals and provides key suggestions for minimizing risks.

Organizations must manage strategic, operational, and compliance immigration priorities. As a business priority, the hallmark of successful organizations is their ability to respond to and satisfy an increasingly diverse and global marketplace…this requires an increasingly diverse work force. As a human capital priority, surveys of CEOs and other business leaders cite the growing skills gaps as an impediment for future growth - and they see immigration as a method of bridging that gap. And as a compliance priority, the federal and state governments continue to commit resources on ensuring employers comply with "the rules."

Thus, the risks and consequences for ineffective and mismanaged immigration policies are reduced revenue, lost business opportunities, and an adverse impact on talent management. The risks and consequences for noncompliance with the law include civil penalties, debarment, and criminal prosecution of company executives - including HR directors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the organization's need for managing immigration compliance issues
  • Understand the positive and negative effect that immigration issues have on attracting and retaining top performers, key employees, and critical skills
  • Gain knowledge of immigration policy and practices
  • Gain an understanding of immigration compliance issues

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • The new administration's critical issues
  • Key Issues of the new I-9 Form
  • Understanding key immigration issues and priorities
  • Identify and assess immigration issue-related risks
  • Utilize immigration audit techniques and tools
  • Audit compliance with I-9 Form and E-Verify requirements
  • Monitor continuous immigration compliance

Who Will Benefit:

  • HR professionals
  • Internal Immigration managers
  • Risk managers
  • Internal auditors
  • Compliance managers
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