Scientific advice for medicinal products in the EU

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Scientific advice is when the Regulatory Authorities gives advice to a company on the appropriate tests and studies in the development of a medicine. This is designed to facilitate the development and availability of high-quality, effective and acceptably safe medicines, for the benefit of patients.

Choosing the right procedure for scientific advice (at the European Medicines Agency or at the National Authorities in the EU) and preparing well for the procedure is very important to assure your development program meets the requirements of the Regulatory Authorities.


In addition, the European Medicines Agency offers scientific advice to support the qualification of innovative development methods for a specific intended use in the context of research and development into pharmaceuticals.

The advice is given by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) on the basis of recommendations by the Scientific Advice Working Party (SAWP). This qualification process leads to a CHMP qualification opinion or CHMP qualification advice. The procedure will be explained, as well as when it is best to use this procedure.

Sometimes it is useful to request scientific advice and protocol assistance in parallel with the United States Food and Drug Administration or with health-technology-assessment (HTA) bodies.


The aim of parallel scientific advice with HTA Bodies is to allow medicine developers to gain feedback from regulators and HTA bodies at the same time, early in the development of a medicine. This helps them to establish the evidence that both parties will need to determine a medicine's benefit-risk balance and value.

Learning Objective 

This webinar will address which procedure is best depending on the circumstances (centralized or national), and how to choose among the National Authorities in the case of national scientific advice. It will also address the inclusion of HTA bodies in the scientific advice procedure. In addition, it will  cover the preparation of the meeting (including briefing document).

Areas covered in this webinar


·Scientific advice at the EMA

·Qualification of novel methodologies

·Parallel scientific advice: EMA and FDA

·Parallel scientific advice: EMA and HTA bodies

·National scientific advice

Who will benefit?

Regulatory Affairs personnel, Clinical Development managers and personnel, Project Managers

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