OSHA Enforcement: Meeting The OSHA Initiative On Temporary Workers

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In April, 2013 OSHA established an initiative to reduce the increase in the number of serious accidents resulting in serious injuries and illnesses, with many leading to fatalities of temporary employees at all worksites in the US. It was the concern of OSHA that from 2008 forward the number of temporary employees being hired began to increase throughout industry and that it was likely for the trend to continue. It was the concern of OSHA that temporary employees were not receiving the adequate training, provided personnel protective equipment and oversight by the host employer or the supplying agency. 

OSHA investigated in greater detail events that occurred to identify common causes and issues to many of the events. In that were governing health and safety of temporary workers to ensure that they are as well protected and knowledgeable of work place hazards at worksites. The course will include a discussion of the background leading to the initiative by OSHA as well as provide the regulatory and compliance issues to both the Host and Agency or company providing the temporary employees. Meetings with key stakeholders representing industry and Agencies/organizations supplying temporary workers were held. Subsequent to the meetings OSHA generated guidance documents to business and industry as OSHA internal programs and directives to their compliance staff.

Course Objective

The instructor will explain the OSHA initiative, how to determine whether the employee is considered as your site employee and what programs or processes must be established to comply.

Learn about the potential relationship between the employer and the employee as it relates to Safety and Health issues. You need to understand your responsibilities for temporary employees at your site as it relates to training, PPE, OSHA recordability of injuries/illnesses, etc.

Course Outline

  • Overview
    • Brief OSHA history
    • Who is a Temporary Worker?
    • OSHA's Initiative
  • Summary
    • Who is a Temporary Worker? 
    • The Host Employer and Staffing Agencies role and responsibilities
    • Define and describe the requirements and liabilities if found to be the responsibility of host employer
  • Safety Training Needs
    • Staffing agencies requirements
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Who provides PPE? The Host Employers or Staffing Agencies?
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
    • Hazard Recognition
    • Whistle Blower Protections

Target Audience

  • Managers and Supervision
  • HR Managers
  • Safety Managers/Site Safety Engineers
  • Site Legal Representation
  • Site Medical
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