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Bob Mckenzie

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An inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has shown up at your door. For some employers, it's a paralyzing moment. An uneasy silence ensues as managers, foremen and workers share uncertain glances. This webinar on OSHA inspections will guide attendees on preparing for and handling inspections by regulators, and handling unannounced inspections as well. Learn how not to mishandle an inspection; avoid fines and disruption of operations.


Course Objectives:

Government regulators will become involved with your facility if an accident or noncompliance has been significant. This course will teach you how to avoid unnecessary inspections, and to gain useful knowledge when an inspection does occur. There are times when it is better to divulge information and times when it is best to stay silent.

This course will help you through your thinking process so you can make the best decisions regarding volunteering information. The course will discuss the benefit of calling a regulator before they call you. We will discuss the regulations that your incident will be compared to which include 29 CFR (OSHA), 40 CFR (EPA), and 49 CFR (DOT).


Course Objectives:

• Regulatory agencies that you are likely to interact with

• How to develop an internal inspection plan

• How to prepare for an inspection

• How to handle an unannounced inspection

• How to manage the results of a regulator inspection

• 29 CFR (OSHA), 40 CFR (EPA) and 49 CFR (DOT)


What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Business owners

• OHS executives

• Supervisors

• Transportation professionals

• Safety professionals

• Environmental professionals

• Civil Engineers

• Consultants

• Building contractors

• Lenders

• Investigators

• Compliance Officers

• Internal Auditors

• Safety Committee Members

• Facility Managers

• HR Professionals

• Chief Engineers

• Department Heads

• General Managers

• Risk Managers

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Speaker: Bob Mckenzie,

Bob McKenzie has over 35 years of human resources management experience. His background includes a wide range of hands-on HR practices in a variety of industries and all areas of human resource management. He started McKenzieHR, a human resources management firm in Jacksonville, Florida in 2002. Bob has been cited in a number of Human Resources trade publications. Among them are HR.com, HR Magazine, HR Florida Review, The Jacksonville Business Journal, Vault.com, BNA and the Institute of Management and Administration. He has been a speaker at a number of conferences as well as national audio and web-based seminars. He has been the keynote speaker and a guest speaker at a number of conferences and business meetings. One of his major talents is teaching HR professionals about their field. He has been facilitating a class for 12 year preparing Human Resources professionals to take and pass the HR certification exam. He is proud to say that has an 80% pass rate for first time test takers, well above the national average of 52%. Bob is a graduate of Rider University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree and double majored in Industrial Relations and Organizational Behavior. He is actively involved in the Small Business Resource Network and has served on the Board of Directors of a number of non-profit organizations.

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