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If an employee has suffered a work-related injury that resulted in the loss of sight but the physical eye was still in the socket, would that require a call to OSHA informing the duty officer of the incident?

Irwin Dobrushin, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, answered: No, loss of sight without the physical removal of the eye is not a reportable event under the requirements in Section 1904.39. However, a case involving loss of sight that results in the in-patient hospitalization of th 

How should railroads handle OSHA regulations since they fall under the FRA? Would they just show the FRA required forms and logs if/when an OSHA inspector shows up?

Environmental Health and Safety Consultant Kenneth S. Weinberg answered: OSHA regulations do not supersede the Injury and Illness Reporting Requirements under the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Therefore, the FRA rules apply here for reporting injuries and illnesses.


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